Bali, Bangkok & Queensland. Deals Combined Holidays and Packages

So what’s new in terms of deals this week?

Escape Holidays

It’s been balmy in Sydney this week with temperatures in the low 20’s, however we bet that you need to arrange an escape holiday to get through another 6 weeks of winter.

Under the “holidays and packages” section of our website, you get over 6500 escape holidays, all over the world.

There are over 3000 travel deals Australia, while we have over 12 different Bali Travel deals, with many exciting and luxurious.

While I would love to go through all 6500 escape holidays, I am going to focus on 2 destinations this week: Bali and Bangkok deals.

Bali villa deals Groupon

WE have two amazing bali villa deals from Groupon and Ozbargain, which have been discounted more than 70%.

These deals also include cheap flights, so it is an all-inclusive affordable holiday , at a luxurious resort, at Australia’s favourite holiday destination, Bali.

Bangkok hotel deals Groupon

What about Bangkok hotel deals Groupon? We’re glad you asked.

This week, we have the pleasure of bringing you 4 Bangkok hotel deals , in the heart of this vibrant and must-see city, with cheap flights and luxurious accommodation at a fraction of the usual cost.

Bangkok Shot

Don’t want to go too far?

Still want an escape holiday but are feeling too lazy to go overseas!

New deals this week for , we have Queensland family holiday deals or Queensland holiday packages, which are inclusive of flights and accommodation.

Have your flights already sorted or don’t need to fly, just check out our Queensland accommodation deals, there’s close to 98 today.

Enjoy all the deals direct to your inbox! See you tomorrow for another analysis of our daily deals, when we will be discussing more electronics deals such as Dell deals and Toby Deals.

The Best Deals in Australia

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