You have probably seen many posts on our website referring to cheap Bali deals. With over 800 destinations that we offer cheap travel packages to, why do we write about Bali the most?

Bali is the favourite overseas destination for Australians. In fact , last year alone, 1.18 million Australians travelled to Bali, many of which used our cheap Bali package deals to get there (Reference Deals Combined Ozbargain section).

Why Bali?

  1. As mentioned above, it is the most visited overseas destination by Australians. Our cheap Bali package deals include all inclusive packages, which are very affordable
  2. The beaches – White sandy beaches. Crystal clear water and to-die-for sunsets. Idyllic settings to reward yourself after working hard all year.
  3. Temple ceremonies, and over 10,000 shrines make the visit more than just an island holiday, but rather an unforgettable cultural experience
  4. The Mountains in Bali are simply amazing with breathtaking views. PURA MOUNT LEMPUYANG for example, while providing a stunning view, is also home to one of the oldest temples in Bali. MOUNT AGUNG is the holiest mountain in Bali and also provides many wonderful hiking routes, offering different levels of difficulty.
  5. It’s in the same time zone as Australia
  6. The conversion currency rate makes it a very affordable holiday
  7. It’s close – Apart from our immediate neighbours, Australians have to fly for close to 28-24 hours to see the world. Bali is merely 8 hours away.
  8. Depending on where you would like to go in Bali, there are many cheap Bali package deals which can be found all along the island. You wouldn’t even know as the surroundings are impossibly luxurious.

Bali deals 2019

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Cheap Bali Deals

"Bali is more than a place, it’s a mood, it’s magical , it’s a tropical state of mind" "Life, religion and art all converge in Bali" "Physically I’m here, mentally I’m in a pool in Bali ordering my third mojito"

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