How to live a luxurious life on a budget

We live in a beautiful country, where the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we have amazing mountains, beaches, parks and rivers. However, the downfall of this beautiful country is how expensive it actually is. So how can you manage to live a plentiful, meaningful, fun life if your don’t have millions in the bank? Here our star editor Kristy Denver will show you that with small changes and a little consciousnesses, life can be enjoyed to the full on a shoestring budget.

1- Do your shopping in January Are you one of those people who can be seen rushing in shopping centres in December hunting for presents? Well, you’re a sitting duck for retailers who know that they CAN raise their prices and still make substantial sales , because people have to buy presents and prepare for Christmas. In the Deals Combined (Ozbargain or any other section), we recommend that people prepare a list of all presents they need to buy throughout the year. We understand that there will always be surprises, but if there are items you know you’re going to need, then put them down. Anything from kids’ soccer shoes, to interview clothes, winter pants for your eldest who is growing, a few boxes of chocolate which you know you will need to bring with you when you’re invited for lunch somewhere, a few bottles of wine you know you will require when going to dinner parties, etc etc. Gadgets never go out of favour as presents, so make sure you visit our Toby Deals at Deals Combined. In short, if you know you are going to need it, then write it down, and buy it in January. If you think you may need a few of the same items, buy in bulk. Why bulk ? because you can then save on delivery by either not paying for delivery at all , or paying for 1 delivery fee to have multiple items. Almost all of our partners that we feature on our website (and we have over 50+ partners, such as Ozbargain, Groupon and Toby Deals) all offer delivery deals.

2- Use deals sites. Restaurants that need to bring in new clients, retailers with overstock, fitness establishments with spaces to fill, course providers who are keen to be introduced to the market all severely reduce their products and offerings and list them on deals sites. Why pay full price when you can log in to Deals Combined? Why not secure a laptop, a phone, a camera, a smart watch or any of the wonderful gadgets from the Toby Deal section of the Deals Combined website? Why not buy the latest electronics, shop for clothes, have a wonderful meal at a restaurant, have a girls day at an exclusive location for a high tea, go on a holiday, all for a bargain price, by logging on to Deals Combined and going to the Ozbargain section and having wonderful experiences for 80% - 90% discount?

3- Stroll …a lot. This saves money on public transport. It also saves you the cost of a gym membership. Too cold for strolling . Don’t commit for a full price gym membership at over $120 a month. You can log onto Deals Combined and scour the OZBargain or Groupon sections for fitness deals. What can you expect to find? Well , you could find an Ozbargain, Groupon, Cudo fitness deal at DealsCombined at about 80% off. This could be a gym membership or a boot camp, fitness retreat, or an Ozbargain Coupon. See you no longer have to go to all these websites to check out the deals and compare what’s best. We do all the hard work for you. Want to increase your motivation during your fitness class? Log on to the Toby Deals Section of our website and buy yourself a smart watch that plays music, at a bargain price, and up your beat. Nothing says hardcore than workout music blasting while you do lungs.

4- The latest model is over-rated. Iphone xxx just came out? Yes you could go to our website and use one of our Toby Deals or Ozbargain vouchers to buy it at a discount. Or you could also opt for the model before that and pick it up from our website at a much much heavily discounted price. Can’t bear to be seen without the latest model. Well , think of the fact that early models usually have undetected bugs that only get reported and fixed once the item has been in circulation for a while. Sarah from our team who looks after the Toby deals part of our offerings says that we see a sharp decline in the purchasing of a smartwatch or smart phone model once talk of a newer model hitting the market commences. At Deals Combined Toby Deals offerings, we keep presenting older models on our website because we want to ensure that those people who are concerned about budget are not missing out on fantastic bargains.

5- Shop around, shop around then do NOT shop around. The myth that you need to spend days looking online or weekends scouring department stores are just that. Time is money. The time you think you are spending finding a better deal, you could be using for a side hustle that actually brings you additional income. There are over 15 deals sites in Australia and thankfully, there is Deals Combined which already does all the hard work for you. If a deal is featured on Groupon but it is found cheaper on Toby Deals, then we will only show you the Toby Deals item , so you aren’t shown the same item at varying prices. Let’s say we are presented with a meal offering that may slightly differ, from the same restaurant from both Ozbargain and Groupon but Ozbargain presents it cheaper, we will use our Artificial intelligence engine to decipher the fine print and decide which of the 2 deals presents better value for money. Is an extra samosa at entrée and an additional glass of wine still a bargain at an extra $10 , if so then you will see the Groupon deal. If not, then you will see the Ozbargain deal.

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