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SeeTec One On-Camera Monitor from TobyDeals Australia

The 5.7" FHD IPS display manufactured by SHARP features an IPS technology screen with a viewing angle of 170 degrees and a dedicated 360-degree swivel mount for maximum viewing angle for flexible viewing.

Power output function, can be used for different models of SLR and no reverse power supply, charging and shooting integration, longer shooting time, faster power exchange process. Support models include Sony A7/A9 series, Canon 5D series, Panasonic GH4/GH5, etc... 

*The first support for Sony A7r3/A9 stable power supply

The display density of the 386ppi Retina Level, the detailed display effect, and the built-in peaking display function allow the user to clearly distinguish the focus.

95% NTSC CinematicColor Rec.709 color display and ultra-wide Color Gamut to meet the color requirements of professional photography.

The display brightness of 460cdm is twice as high as that of the conventional camera back display, and the attached quick-release folding hood can be clearly visible even in the sun.

The body is equipped with AudioOut audio output, DC in power input, DC out power output, three 1/4-inch multi-purpose tripod holes, to cope with different applications.

Corresponding to Sony L-type batteries, from the lightweight F570, to the large-capacity F770 and F970 can be applied.

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