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Book: Killer
Well-used to elevated emotions, psychologist Alex Delaware shrugs off a death threat from beautiful Beverly Hills physician Constance Sykes, whose attempt to secure legal custody of her baby niece is thwarted by Alex's forthright report to the court. Alex plays down the threat until LAPD's Milo Sturgis rushes to his side with the shocking word on the street: a hit has been taken out on him.

But while Alex may be in grave danger, it won't be from the Beverly Hills doctor. Connie is soon discovered, brutally slain. When her sister Cherie and the baby disappear, apparently on the run, Alex's search for answers leads him to aged rockers, charming homeboys and even Machiavellian judges. As dark secrets are peeled away, and a cruel system churns relentlessly through family lives, Alex seeks to stop a vicious killer and save a child from a life of nightmares... or worse.

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Book: No Cure For Love
Before you discovered DCI Banks, Detective Arvo Hughes was on the case in this vintage standalone crime thriller from Peter Robinson.

In 1990s Los Angeles, the beautiful star of a hit TV cop show is being sent strange letters.

At first, Sarah Broughton dismisses the letters as the ramblings of a lonely fan. But when the letters take on a disturbing tone and Sarah discovers a body in the sand outside her Malibu beach house, the experts are brought in.

Working as a detective in the LAPD Threat Management Unit, Arvo Hughes has seen it all before: stalkers, love obsessionals, erotomaniacs - willing to kill themselves and their supposed love objects over their devotion. He knows the language they use and the patterns they follow.

But there is no pattern to follow here. Dealing with a highly unpredictable but extremely violent killer, Arvo feels certain Sarah's stalker must have met her before. But with the squeaky-clean star doing all she can to keep memories of a shady history locked away, Arvo must delve into her past himself.

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Book: Capturing the World
Capturing the World is award-winning photographer Nick Rains's guide to capturing remarkable travel photos. This is not a regular photography tip book - this is about how to take the best photos in real world photography situations. Having been a professional photographer for the last 30 years, Nick has taken every genre of travel photo, from people and architecture to landscapes and nature. Nick will guide you through the process of taking a successful travel photo from beginning to end, using his own spectacular travel photos as examples.

These examples demonstrate how it's not just about technical skill; the best photographers put a lot of effort into getting themselves into a position where the potential for great images is maximised, including researching, planning where to be and when, and thinking about some potential shots in advance. This full-colour and spectacularly illustrated book will show you how to shoot your best travel photos - and capture the world through your lens!

About the Author

Nick Rains has been a professional photographer for the past 31 years during which time he has worked for well known publications such as Australian Geographic, Outback, GEO, Sports Illustrated, TIME, BBC and many others. He has worked in all genres of the industry covering sports, news, celebrities, travel and commercial but now concentrates on documentary photography both in Australia and overseas. More recently Nick has become involved in training other keen photographers, sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge and, in addition to writing travel and photography articles, he is a Leica Ambassador and Principal Instructor for Leica Akademie Australia. Nick was also recently named as an Ilford Master for his skills in printing.

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Book: Learning for Professional Practice 6

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Book: Avery Cates
In this thrilling prequel to The Electric Church, a young Avery Cates finds himself trying desperately to survive in the newly-established System of Federated Nations. When a hit on a Joint Council Undersecretary falls into his lap, Cates determines he'll fulfill the contract, even if the people hiring don't know it yet.As Cates learns the ropes, he meets someone who will one day be an old friend and struggles with the reality of what he's about to do. Killing a man for money, he's told, is a great and terrible thing.Contains the previously-released Avery Cates short stories "This Was Battle. This Was Joy," "The Golden Badge," "The Oldest Bastard on the Block," "This Was Education," "all orphans, at least," and "The Sewer Rat."

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Book: Death Games
Will your next move be your last?Manchester: an injured survivor from a motorway pile-up flees the scene, leaving behind evidence that a terror attack is being plannedJon Spicer, newly trained as a Specialist Firearms Officer, has joined Manchester police's Counter Terrorism Unit. Thrown out of his previous department and demoted to Detective Constable, he is being kept in the force only because he'll take on the most dangerous of jobs. Iona Khan is struggling to find respect and recognition in the male-dominated Counter Terrorism Unit. Her mind might be sharp, but many of her colleagues value physical strength above anything else. As the investigation quickly snowballs, Spicer and Khan are thrown together. The two officers must learn to trust each other - and fast. Because in this chase, any wrong move could be your last.

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Book: Standing Down
Whatever happens in the general election, dozens of new MPs will be entering the Commons in 2017 - but what advice would their predecessors give them? With big names such as Alan Johnson, Andy Burnham, George Osborne and Eric Pickles, Fiona McTaggart, Gisela Stuart and Andrew Tyrie all exiting the parliamentary stage in June, there is no better opportunity to look back on the fascinating careers of some of the most formative figures in UK politics in recent decades. Speaking candidly about their highs and lows, their contributions and regrets, their backgrounds and future plans, these retiring MPs, interviewed by political journalist and biographer of Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, Rosa Prince, provide frank and exclusive insights into their time in Parliament, the seminal events they witnessed and their reasons for leaving.

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Book: Fire and Fury

#1 New York Times Bestseller

With extraordinary access to the West Wing, Michael Wolff reveals what happened behind-the-scenes in the first nine months of the most controversial presidency of our time in Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

Since Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, the country--and the world--has witnessed a stormy, outrageous, and absolutely mesmerizing presidential term that reflects the volatility and fierceness of the man elected Commander-in-Chief.

This riveting and explosive account of Trump's administration provides a wealth of new details about the chaos in the Oval Office, including:
-- What President Trump's staff really thinks of him
-- What inspired Trump to claim he was wire-tapped by President Obama
-- Why FBI director James Comey was really fired
-- Why chief strategist Steve Bannon and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner couldn't be in the same room
-- Who is really directing the Trump administration's strategy in the wake of Bannon's firing
-- What the secret to communicating with Trump is
-- What the Trump administration has in common with the movie The Producers

Never before in history has a presidency so divided the American people. Brilliantly reported and astoundingly fresh, Fire and Fury shows us how and why Donald Trump has become the king of discord and disunion.

"Essential reading."--Michael D'Antonio, author of Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success,

"Not since Harry Potter has a new book caught fire in this way...[Fire and Fury] is indeed a significant achievement, which deserves much of the attention it has received."--The Economist

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Book: Using the Past to Serve the Present : Historiography and Politics in Contemporary China
An historiographical examination of the political debates of the 1980s over despotism in Chinese history and over Party history. The extent of popular culture and its reinterpretation of history is also assessed, as governmental control of the media has decreased.

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Book: The Contemporary Cruise
The first book to depict and explore the world of stylish cruises through hundreds of evocative images and an informative text.
Today there are cruise options to suit every taste, from the fun and entertainment of a first-class floating resort ship to the quiet elegance of a classic tall ship. Pampering, fine food, exotic destinations--it isn't difficult to see why a vacation at sea is a great way to recover from the stresses of ordinary life on land.
With over 300 photographs, all specially taken, this book perfectly encapsulates the variety of cruise experiences available:
- cruising past and present
- legendary ships, from classic ocean liners to luxury boutique craft
- alternative cruises, from a journey into the Arctic Circle on board a Norwegian mail ship to travel on a modern freighter
- fascinating routes and locations, from French Polynesia and the Caribbean to world cruises
- expedition and nature cruises, including the Galapagos Islands, Antarctica, and the fjords of Patagonia
- interesting ports of call, from Miami to St. Petersburg to Barcelona
- river cruises, including the Rhine, the Nile, and the Yangtze
Here are all the ships, the routes, the romantic and exhilarating destinations for a huge number of cruise aficionados--and for those ready to be inspired. Four out of five first-timers on a cruise return to the experience: whether you are looking for adventure, luxury, relaxation, or education, there is a voyage for you. 303 illustrations, 295 in color.

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