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Book: How To Live A Mindful Life
Mindfulness has the power to change the way you think by helping you to live in the present moment.

Taking you just a few minutes' break from the daily rush can make a huge difference to your well-being, allowing you to step-back, listen to your thoughts, and re-gain focus.

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Book: Finessing Clarissa
The fourth title in M.C. Beaton's Regency Romance series, School for Manners.

'If you have a Wild, Unruly, or Undisciplined Daugher, two Ladies of Genteel Birth offer to Bring Out said Daughter and Refine what may have seemed Unrefinable. We can make the Best of the Worst'.

When Amy and Effie Tribble, two charming but impoverished spinster sisters, lose out on an inheritance, they place this advertisement in The Morning Post and hire themselves out as professional chaperones. Vowing to prepare even the most difficult misses for marriage, the Tribble sisters will spend a London season on each client, educating them in their School for Manners.

Lovely, wealthy and well bred, Clarissa Vevian has been unable to find a suitable husband because of her terrible clumsiness. Her petite and fastidious mother has tried to mould Clarissa into a dainty miss to fit the fashion, but all her efforts are doomed to failure. And when Clarissa enters the Tribble sisters home, they fear that their reputation for matchmaking success may be destroyed - along with their carpets and furniture!

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Book: The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging
From the author of the #1 bestselling The 17 Day Diet and the audio original The 17 Day Diet Essentials, the inspiring and easy-to-follow plan for staying young and healthy, based on the same 17 day model that made the diet the bestselling diet book of 2011.

In The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging, Dr Mike Moreno - author of the bestselling sensation The 17 Day Diet - offers an incredible four-cycle plan designed to help you prevent or even reverse the symptoms of aging. There are nine systems in your body that must all be in good working order for you to function at your peak at any age: circulatory, respiratory, nervous, immune, digestive, endocrine, musculoskeletal, reproductive and urinary systems.

Dr Mike is giving readers all the strategies for longevity that they need, from the exact nutrients that can keep the body running at its peak to easy tips for integrating more movement into every day, following the same plan of 17-day cycles that has worked so well for people on The 17 Day Diet. Designed to work with any lifestyle, The 17 Day Plan to Stop Aging shows how to use nutrition, physical fitness and mental exercise to keep your systems in excellent condition. The steps are simple. The results are real.

Highlights include: specific foods to eat to properly manage your digestive system; physical activities that will decrease the medical age of your cardiovascular and respiratory system; cognitive exercises to keep your mental systems young and sharp; products, ingredients and regimens that will decrease inflammation in the body, which, according to the latest research out of Harvard School of Public Health can improve everything from heart health and cognitive ability to joint pain and one's general sense of happiness.

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Book: The Blind Men and the Elephant
This marvellous collection of rib-tickling tales features a host of best loved authors, from Edward to Rudyard Kipling.

Each book contains four hilarious stories and extracts accompanied by superbly silly illustrations.

About the Author

Vic (Victoria) Parker graduated from Oxford with a degree in English Literature and Language. She has worked with children's books as writer and editor ever since, producing fiction and non-fiction titles, several of which have been shortlisted for literary awards.

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Book: The Complete Guide to Behavioural Change for Sport and Fitness Professionals
Many fitness professionals and sports coaches working with clients find difficulties in ensuring their clients stay motivated. Any professional prescribing a fitness programme to a client knows that the biggest roadblock to success is the client's ability to make a change in their day-to-day life. You can tell clients what they need to know, but you can't make lifestyle changes for them. You can however show understanding, put changes in perspective, offer motivation and lay out the smaller steps that build towards a greater goal.

The Complete Guide to Behavioural Change for Sport and Fitness Professionals covers both theoretical issues related to behaviour change and motivation and practical application in the fitness or sport setting, outlining all the different models of behaviour change and discussing clear motivation strategies. It is especially relevant for fitness professionals prescribing exercise to clients with health issues, or referred clients who need support to become more active. But it is equally suited to helping recreational and amateur athletes who want to change their lifestyle or mental attitude in order to improve their performance.

Written in clear, accessible language for the non-scientist, this a reference guide for:
  • fitness instructors and personal trainers
  • sports coaches and sports psychologists
  • professionals from the health and fitness industry working at Levels 3 and 4 of the qualifications framework
  • undergraduates and postgraduates in sports studies and health and fitness
  • those working to promote activity in community settings
  • anyone wishing to increase personal knowledge of behaviour change and motivation.

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Book: E.S.P.
Warm and funny tale from Britain's best loved teller of animal tales

Old Smelly loves to bet on the horse races, but he never has much luck - until he meets Eric Stanley Pigeon, that is. For this young bird has a very unusual talent... Old Smelly dreams of winning a fortune, but will his dreams come true?

About the Author

Dick King-Smith was a Gloucestershire farmer until the age of 45, when he gave up farming to become a primary school teacher. As a bestselling full-time author, his work received many awards including a Bronze Medal for the Smarties Prize of l997 for All Because of Jackson and the Children's Book Award in l995 for Harriet's Hare. In l992, he was also voted Children's Author of the Year. In l995, his top-selling title The Sheep-Pig was developed into a box-office movie, BABE, introducing hundreds of thousands of youngsters to his work. He died in 2011.

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Book: Temple Boys
'We've got a tough one here,' said the magician. 'Going to take more than my usual tricks to get him interested.' Flea scowled. 'One day you'll meet a real magician who'll blast you of the face of the earth with lightning bolts.'

Flea is the smallest, mouthiest member of the Temple Boys - a street gang who fight daily to survive in a place where nobody cares a jot for them, especially not the Romans who are in charge of the place. When the Magician comes to town, Flea and the gang reckon they can get the better of him, no problem. But his companions - Jude in particular - seem to have their measure right from the start. All is not as it seems...

Fans of Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and Magnus Chase series will love this historic adventure that blends compelling fictional characters with a historically accurate setting. A captivating adventure for readers aged 10+.

About the Author

Jamie Buxton read English at Cambridge and has been writing all his adult life. He taught in States for a while and splits his time between London, Dartmoor, his car, local cafes who are sick of the sight of him, and libraries when he can find one. He is married with one child, plus dog, cats and all their fleas. He has also travelled extensively in the middle east, which is what inspired Temple Boys as a new way of telling the most famous story ever told. He had to go beyond the sights, sounds and smells of old Jerusalem to try and understand what an ordinary boy would do if he came across a man who said he could save the world.

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Book: Inside Energy Machines
Take a detailed look at energy machines and how they operate with this fantastic book.

Highly detailed, realistic artwork is presented with cutaways and exploded views to help children understand each idea. Clear text accompanies each topic, along with annotations and snippets of extra information.

Photographs are used to place subjects in context and more difficult concepts are explained through the use of hand-drawn colour diagrams.

Discover :
  • The role of incinerators
  • How geothermal energy works
  • The inner workings of a wind turbine

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Book: No More Cuddles!
Barry lives all by himself deep in the forest. But this furry chap is never on his own for long. 'Come here, Snuggle-wuggles!' call the animals, diving in for a cuddle! There are simply too many hugs to handle. How can Barry get them to stop? From the best-selling author and illustrator, Jane Chapman (Bear Snores On, Is it Christmas Yet?) comes a very funny picture book about a lovable monster who has just had enough of HUGS!

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Book: The Ultimate Book of Vegetables
This beautiful book showcases more than 50 vegetables and their varieties in ways you might never have imagined. Here, you'll discover how to use them to improve your health and wellbeing, and to make your own hair care and beauty products.

For keen cooks, there are 120 great-tasting, healthy recipes to choose from and, for those yearning to 'grow your own', there's advice on creating a productive vegetable garden in even the smallest of spaces.

If you love to make things for your home and garden, there are fun and stylish craft projects, too, each with a vegetable-inspired theme. Packed with information and beautiful photographs, this stunning book will surprise and inform.

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Book: The Accumulator
The Accumulator is a brand new workout plan that combines body-weight movements with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to get you fit and fabulous in just one month.

Designed to build strength and endurance day by day, the workout steps up the pace as you learn new skills and increase your fitness in the process. Day 1 starts with a single exercise that takes just 1 minute to complete. Every day a new exercise is introduced, culminating in a challenging high intensity workout in under 30 minutes...You will learn fundamental bodyweight movements to improve mobility in everyday life and build greater muscular strength. The HIIT format of The Accumulator works to increase your metabolism and helps burn fat...

The book includes a 30-day workout plan, clearly explained with photos and alternative exercises. Also included is an Accumulator healthy habits plan which offers daily suggestions to improve your diet...Fancy a challenge? Ditch the gym. This is the workout to follow if you want to get fitter fast.

About the Author

Paul Mumford is a highly experienced, qualified fitness and nutrition coach. He is the creator of The Accumulator fitness plan and a specialist barefoot running and bio-mechanics coach. Paul also writes for Outdoor Fitness, Ultra-Fit and FitPro magazine.

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Book: Memories of Gascony
To mark Pierre Koffmann's 50th year as a chef, this new edition of his iconic, award-winning cookbook is classic Koffmann and includes his celebrated Pieds de Cochon (stuffed pigs' trotters) recipe from Tante Claire, his mouthwatering Souffle aux Pistaches (pistachio souffle) plus seasonal dishes and simple family recipes from the south-west of France.

Pierre Koffmann's Memories of Gascony is the story of how one of the most influential chefs of our time first learned to love food. With recipes and reminiscences from his grandparents' home in rural Gascony, this is an intimate account of school holidays spent on the farm helping his grandfather to harvest and hunt, and learning to treasure seasonality, simplicity and the best ingredients at his grandmother's side.

The finest of Gascony produce is here, with a focus on simplicity. The recipes stand the test of time and speak to the food tastes and trends of today. You'll devour the cuisine as you go along - with recipes for dandelion salad with bacon and poached egg, grilled chicken with shallots and vinaigrette, and greengages in armagnac in Spring; chicken liver pate with capers, Bayonne ham tart with garlic, oeufs a la neige in Summer; roast hare with mustard and beetroot, salt cod cassoulet and quince jelly in Autumn; and fried eggs with foie gras, potato and bacon pie and tarte aux pruneaux in Winter.

About the Author

Pierre Koffmann has been at the heart of fine cuisine in Britain for nearly fifty years. After working as a young chef in France, Koffmann arrived in London in 1970 to work under Michel and Albert Roux at Le Gavroche and then the Waterside Inn. Within six years of opening, La Tante Claire had its third Michelin star, setting new standards for cooking and creating extraordinary dishes from classically simple ingredients, while also serving as an academy for many of today's culinary superstars.

Between them Koffmann's proteges now boast over twenty Michelin stars in their own right. After a short-lived retirement, he returned to the kitchen at Koffmann's at The Berkeley, with a more relaxed, informal style and classic provincial French cooking. It is the food that first inspired him to become a chef, the food of the French countryside, the food of his grandparents' farmhouse kitchen in rural Gascony.

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